Wireless charging

So I found this thing on Amazon for about $8.WirelessCharger

It’s a wireless charger. Micro-usb cable plugs into one end.

Looks like it was yanked from unsold product, or perhaps faulty product that was repaired. The first one they sent me worked, briefly. But it seemed like it had a bad solder connection or something, so I got a replacement that worked.

It seems to need a gap of maybe 2-3 mm between the phone and the coil. A piece of cardboard would probably do.


But if you’ve got a 3D printer, you can download this thing I designed in OpenSCAD and print yaself a case.

The phone needs to be centered pretty well over the coil, so I made a top with a cutout to fit the Samsung S6 that I use to play Clash Royale.

Works pretty well. Once I get the new 3D printer running, I should be able to run flexible filament through it and get a nice flexi-holder that should grip the phone a bit better.

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Clock project, coming soon

Looking for something to do with extra ws2811 NeoPixel strands I had left over for Christmas and seeing the scoreboard at my son’s sportsball game gave me an idea.

After a bunch of iterations I came up with a medium-sized reflector and form to hold NeoPixels in a seven-segment LED frame in a size that would fit on my printer’s printbed (7.9 inches x 7.9 inches). The object is on Thingiverse.


Tap Plastics has an amazing magical light transmissive black acrylic that looks beautiful and dims the powerful LED light enough to make it usable. And they’ll cut it to size and ship it in a few days.


Frame construction, finishing, wiring, hookup and software in future articles.

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Hog’s Foot

I wanted to try my hand at making a stompbox from DIY stompboxes and decided to try the Hog’s Foot, since it seemed simple and I had the parts.

What I didn’t have was a decent enclosure. So I put it in an Altoids box. It just barely fit. I wasn’t satisfied with the cutting, reaming and bending metal, so I conjured one up in OpenSCAD. I think it turned out much nicer. And now I’ve got a modifiable model to add more controls and make bigger to fit larger projects (like the Little Angel that I’ve got soldered up.)


The progression – Altoids – test box, shielding, front face, guts.


And the flip-sides.

I modeled the box after the Altoids container and gave myself some more room. I added labeling with embedded text and printed a scan of Slicey the Pig. Lots of light layers of high-gloss clear-coat and we’re ready to rock!

Some detail (preparing for the next one):




The flash and high-gloss really bring out the grain in the plastic extrusion. Perhaps I should try wet-sanding the plastic surface…



And the gut-shot.


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More minicar pix

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Minicar pix

This gallery contains 20 photos.

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Outside walkways

IMAG1106 IMAG1105

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Porcelain and tile


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IMG_20120828_163017 IMG_20120828_163038

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On the way up

IMG_20120816_115347 IMG_20120816_115354 IMG_20120816_115401

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IMG_20120731_173518 IMG_20120731_173524 IMG_20120731_173533 IMG_20120731_173546 IMG_20120731_173553 IMG_20120731_173642

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