Hog’s Foot

I wanted to try my hand at making a stompbox from DIY stompboxes and decided to try the Hog’s Foot, since it seemed simple and I had the parts.

What I didn’t have was a decent enclosure. So I put it in an Altoids box. It just barely fit. I wasn’t satisfied with the cutting, reaming and bending metal, so I conjured one up in OpenSCAD. I think it turned out much nicer. And now I’ve got a modifiable model to add more controls and make bigger to fit larger projects (like the Little Angel that I’ve got soldered up.)


The progression – Altoids – test box, shielding, front face, guts.


And the flip-sides.

I modeled the box after the Altoids container and gave myself some more room. I added labeling with embedded text and printed a scan of Slicey the Pig. Lots of light layers of high-gloss clear-coat and we’re ready to rock!

Some detail (preparing for the next one):




The flash and high-gloss really bring out the grain in the plastic extrusion. Perhaps I should try wet-sanding the plastic surface…



And the gut-shot.


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