Aluminum Scoring

After making the Aluminum baseplate, I wanted to try printing directly to it. Printing on Kapton worked well – a little too well. The prints stuck to the extra smooth surface and were difficult to remove when warm.

I’m impatient, and after a print is complete, I want to ease it off the platform as soon as possible, then quickly reheat the platform and go. With the aluminum plates and HBP circuit board, it can take over 15 minutes to heat up from room temperature, so once it’s hot, I try to keep it at temperature. But this causes the piece to be easily deformed during a hasty removal.

By printing directly to the aluminum, I was hoping for an easier removal.

I first tried to print on the Al and I got nothing. Nothing stuck at all. So I decided to score the plate, hoping that the ridges would cause the plastic to stick.

A couple of passes with a box-cutter and a decent depth groove was achieved. The blade gets pretty worn cutting through aluminum, so I used an old blade that I was about to discard.


The scored platform looks nice, and rubbing fingers over it, you can definitely tell that there are grooves.

But still, the plastic mostly wont stick and just gets blobby on the print head.


I had to stop this build early on because the plastic from the second iteration was getting dragged into its neighbors.

Back to Kapton tape and much better surface adherence. With an additional bonus of being a lot easier to remove.

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