Working Robot – Rexie

This is Rexie. He is a Dolphin Diagnostic from Maytronics

Just unspool the cable, connect it to power, and drop him into the pool. He does his thing for a few hours and then it’s cleaning time. Coil up the cord, being careful not to kink it, slide the float to the opposite side, then clean the filter.

By sliding the float, Rexie traverses the pool in the opposite direction and prevents the cable from becoming unduly kinked.

The filter is held on by an elastic band at the bottom of the filter that slips over an edge on the vacuum base. The vacuum base has two wires that hold up the filter in a U shape over the center of the inlet at the bottom of Rexie. At the top of the wires the filter is held on with plastic clips. The U shape gives extra surface area to the filter, which does an excellent job of picking up leaves, worms, dust and dirt. Spray it clean with a hose, inside out, and reassemble, and it’s ready for next time.

Very quiet. No more chugga-chugga of the pool creepy crawley.

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