Working Robot – Makerbot #3978

This is Makerbot #3978

I put it together at the end of March 2011, and have made a number of upgrades since.

Wire Clips (7673) keep the wires tidy. Support bracket for Y idler (7022) prevents the acrylic from cracking and keeps the timing belt tight.

Yet another extruder filament drive (7113) and heat sinks on extruder stepper motor.

An improved x-follower (8625) makes the x-stage a lot quieter.


The build platform is a constant challenge to keep a smooth flat surface for the plastic to adhere to.

I started with the default Automatic Build Platform from Makerbot. It worked great for a few prints before the belt started to split and bubble a bit.

I tried Kapton covered paper, and then Kapton covered steel belt.

Then aluminum plate (9657)

Then scored aluminum plate, and Kapton covered aluminum plate.


Then FR4.

Kapton seems to be the key. Keep it flat, keep it smooth, and the plastic will stick.


Edit: – upgraded the Y axis with a ball bearing mounted Y belt pully and belt tensioner (11515)

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  1. vivian says:

    The makerbot is cool. It can print 3D things! Whenever anyone asks, “Hey, where’d you get that?” and I say, “We printed it.” they think it is so cool. So do I!

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