Mad Chomp

This is Mad Chomp.

Mad Chomp is an ‘Edge Robotic Arm Kit‘, and eventually, I’d like to drop in an ExtraCore (tiny arduino compatible) to be able to intelligently control it, and have something to experiment with kinematics.

I built Mad Chomp years ago for my boy to play with. The wiring for the controller is just a ribbon cable, so I should be able to jack it onto a microcontroller somehow and control it programmatically, instead of using the physical control buttons.

I’m waiting for my ExtraCore’s (Kickstarter project that just got funded) but I can prototype with a Uno or other.

I figured someone else must have done this, so I googled it, and indeed, this guy did something similar. Cool. Nice to have someone figure out the details. And I can learn while doing.

But too many other projects. It’ll come in time.

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