Lights, Camera…

You know what comes next…

I’ve got lots of cameras from a prior lifetime when I wrote a webcam application. I’d like to be able to snap pix of the Makerbot doing it’s job, so I don’t have to babysit it.

And with the recent upgrades to the makerbot, maybe it’s time for him to have a sibling. I found some Prusa plates sized for the Cupcake on the RepRap site, so now I’ll give it a go.

The camera is a 3Com Home Connect USB camera. Pretty generic. I’m using the app “motion” on my Ubuntu 10.10 machine (which is the machine which is running the Makerbot, Freecad, ReplicatorG, etc.) Use “sudo gstreamer-properties” to find out about your video device. I needed to use LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/ motion

It took awhile to find the right pieces, and find out what works on this OS. Now to get the lighting better. It’s challenging because the z axis moves and obscures the light. When the Z platform is raised, the lighting is better:


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