Bottie-bot has been busy.

Bottie-bot has been busy churning through a lot of plastic. After a few spool holders and filament guides, she was anxious to get started

Greg’s Hinged Accessible Extruder with support (Thing 10532) — Type A Lever Action Extruder (Thing 8041)

1kg plastic spool adapter for the Filament Spindle MK1 Box (Thing 9848) — Spool extender (Thing 8639) (the green wing things)

Wade’s Extruder Gears using Parametric Involute Bevel and Spur Gears (Thing 4305)

Also, a full set of Prusa parts

Prusa Carriage for MK5 or MK6 Hotend and LM8UU Bearings  (Thing 4305)
Parametric LM8UU Y Stage Holder  (Thing 10637)

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