Makerbot Upgrades

Another set of upgrades installed and printed.

Cable improvements and lighting

Mucking about with the Y-stage, and tiring of having to get into the electronics bay, I snipped the X-stepper cables, and soldered in a DB-9 pair. Now, I can completely remove the Y-stage without opening the the bottom of Bottie-bot to disconnect cables. Unfortunately, I soldered and heat-shrunk the cables before I remembered that I had braided sleeve.

The lighting is a 12V fluorescent tube scavenged from a dead HP printer. It’s simply tied in with a piece of wire at this point. I need to make some mounts some day.

Cable management and Makerbot aluminum plate and transparent heat blankets (made from an old SplashShield)

I was seeing the cable insulation being left behind on the y stage and thought it might be worthwhile to protect the HBP cables. No better time to install it than when I have the machine apart to install the aluminum plate. Makerbot’s plate is thinner than mine, and I am hoping to get quicker warm-up times. And to prevent breezes from cooling the upper layers too quickly, causing them to shrink, I cut up a transparent sheet of plastic to cover the sides and back. If I like it, I’ll find a better way to attach it than blue-tape.

Mk5 LED Cupcake lighting (Thing 5952) — 20mm rounded plug (with cable shaft) (Thing 7693)

I’m still unsatisfied with the lighting. I need something around the extruder nozzle to highlight what is being created. I’ve got some bright 15 candela LEDs on order to fill the ring. The rounded plugs worked fine at 99% of the uploaded size. I used the opportunity of printing a number of the plugs to play with the speed settings in skeinforge and try to improve speed of printing.


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