Speed kills

After the upgrades, Bottie-bot is moving pretty well. Time to push her a little.

At travel speed of 70, the momentum of the HBP caused it to skip steps in the Y direction, eventually causing the layers to be offset a substantial amount (5-8 mm).

Prior to taking that picture, I tried at travel 40 and feed 35, and it was fine. So with failure at 70, I dialed it down to travel speed of 55.

This experiment also reminded me that I hadn’t oiled the rods after the last time I removed them. Bottie was squeaking a little excessively so oiling and tension adjustments were in order. Now to try some bigger parts.

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  1. vivian says:

    I think you should try a travel speed of eighty and see what happens. Then 90. Then 100! With travel speeds like that, we could take over the world!!

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