Third-Hand lighted ring

Jameco, oh how your grab-bags tempt me.

I bought a bag of 100 74xx series logic chips from Jameco, and when trying to sort them (usually at night under poor lighting conditions), I realized I could put something together like the Makerbot lighted ring that I made recently.

The ring fits around a 3rd hand magnifying glass, but may need a bit of tweaking in Openscad to get it to fit your glass properly. I’ve got two 3rd hands and their magnifying glass components have different diameters.

I decided to use channels around the outside of the ring to hold the conductors. I’ve got some fairly beefy solid copper wire for the irrigation system and wanted to expose the conductor for visual interest. The channels in the LED holes are stepped to allow easy separation of the LED leads and proper placement for soldering onto the resistors or conductors.

The resistors sit in a channel and are held in place by their solder connections, and the ground conductor that encircles the unit. Each LED anode connects through a resistor to the power conductor. The LED cathode is soldered directly to the ground bus.

A flaw in the design was noted upon first illumination. The back of the LEDs are as bright as the front. So using Openscad I whipped up a cap to block the light from blinding me.

I still don’t have a good solution for power. For now, I soldered some copper tabs to the ends of the conductors and put alligator clips onto a 4-AA switched battery box until I come up with something better.



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  1. vivian says:

    Do you think this might be a fun project for 4H electricity? Then we could all have light up, magnifying, 3rd hands! Although, it does seem kind of involved. How long did it take?

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