Prusa Mendel build 2

Lil’ Brudda is taking form. I’m using LM8UU linear bearings (bought off of ebay) instead of PLA bearings, so I have to keep that in mind as I’m assembling. I’ve had to make a few different parts to manage the bearings. Fortunately, Thingiverse has the parts that others have already designed. X-Carriage (Thing 9869), X-ends (Thing 9936) and Y Stage Holder (Thing 10637)

Y-platform: I decided to glue the bearing holders onto the MDF.


For the pulleys, the hole for the M3 nut is a bit big and the nut jiggles around in there. I use a bit of plastic-goo (acetone and plastic) and drip it into the nut-hole after threading in the grub. When it dries, it holds the nut in very well.


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