Sanguino + Marlin

I’m excited to use some different software for Lil’ Brudda.

The Marlin software has acceleration for smoother and faster movement of the axes and presumably is compatible with the Sanguino. But it takes some work.

With Ubuntu 11.04, I installed the arduino software with

sudo apt-get install arduino

and grabbed Marlin from the git sources and followed the directions in the README. You’ve got to copy the sanguino directory into the arduino hardware directory so that the Arduino software knows the capabilities of the board.

cd Marlin
sudo cp -r Sanguino /usr/share/arduino/hardware/Sanguino

Here was another requirement – I had to change the boards.txt file to change the upload protocol

sudo vi /usr/share/arduino/hardware/Sanguino/boards.txt





With these changes, I was able to upload a simple sketch to the Sanguino.

Then, onto Marlin. I was having a lot of issues trying to compile the software. I loaded the Marlin.pde file, had the board set up properly, but there were a lot of errors indicating undefined symbols, etc.

I didn’t realize had to change the Configuration.h file to suit my particular setup. I changed the baudrate, MOTHERBOARD, Thermistor settings, and commented out the #define ULTIPANEL.

Hooray! Now Marlin compiles and presumably runs. I’m sure I’ll have to tweak it as I figure out the endstops, bed travel, extrusion speed, etc., but at least the software is on the device.

Now, onto endstops and wiring.

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