Trees installed

My brother came out and we filled some holes. With trees.

Wayne from WD Gardening – (highly recommended) who trenched for the irrigation lines had an auger and popped some holes in the ground for my trees. I was concerned about gophers eating the roots of my new trees, so I made some gopher baskets to try to keep them out.

This shows three stages of the basket construction.

Roll of hardware cloth on the bottom left of the picture.

Cut to size on the right side.

And at the top left, rolled, wired, and the bottom cut and folded.

They’re pretty hard to see, but they’re about 18″ in diameter and 2.5′ high after I cut and folded the bottom together to make a basket. We put the baskets in the ground, filled them with dirt and set the trees and filled the rest. Some website recommended using SuperThrive when soaking the roots, which I did.

My friendly online nursery – Raintree Nursery – sent a 4×1 Cherry with the rest of my order.

9 trees in the ground, but a Grenada Pomegranite and a Goji Berry plant have yet to find a home.

I’ve also tried these gopher traps which worked pretty great: (graphic image behind the link)

The trap is small but effective. My neighbor lent me one and described how to use it. It only had a small rope on the end and he said I needed to tie something on to that, but we were having difficulty the first time setting it, so I spaced and didn’t tie it up. The next day, the trap was gone down the hole. Never to be seen again.

I got another two-pack and tied it to a piece of scrap 2×4 that I popped a hole into. I set two of these and the next day was rewarded with large gopher (sorry, no pix). I dropped the rodent back into his hole and filled it with dirt.

There’s also a hawk that lives in the big trees in the back. We were enjoying a cold one after the job and kicking back, looking out over our work, enjoying the tweeting of the returning birds. A hawk dove down and grabbed a gopher in his talons and flew away to enjoy a tasty treat. A great natural gopher trap.

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