Milford arrives!

Ms. Postmistress came by with a long awaited bundle of joy!

Milford is a Shapeoko – a CNC mill created by Edward Ford (get it, Mill-Ford?) which I came across on Kickstarter. The images on Kickstarter are the prototype – in person, it uses metal and Makerslide extrusion. This is the dedicated website.

Oh cruel fate. To deliver my new toy in the midst of a release crunch. Oh well, I do need some time to clear my head from debugging software. Working with my hands will give me much needed relief.

Milford will complement Bottie-bot and Lil’Brudda, the two plastic squirters. I expect to use him to create printed circuit boards, and learn a bit about subtractive making.


The metal support pieces look a bit raw. Some sanding to remove the oxidation and then painting them should do the trick. It will also delay my ability to construct Milford, which will prevent me from stealing away from debugging to do assembly, installation and learning grbl and how to create PC boards by milling.

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