Milford Wiring

The wires to the steppers don’t have a lot of play. They may not even make it to the controller. So I’ve got to add some length. It’s relatively simple task, but it takes awhile. There are a lot to do, so you can get into a rhythm. I usually forget to put the heat-shrink tubing on before soldering connectors, but the ends of these extensions do not have connectors so you can slip the heat-shrink on after soldering.


Maybe I went a bit overkill on the wiring gauge, but I use what I’ve got. I put some wire weave on the Z stepper wires, as they were free. The X and Y steppers were already sheathed.

On the controller, I’m using the A-axis for the second Y stepper. I tied the step line together so they should step together. I wanted to use the same driver for both Y steppers, so I’m using a step-stick driver in for Z.


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