Milford First Prints!

I finally found time and space to give Milford some attention.

I gathered all the parts for Milford (mill, cpu/driver stack, power supply, cords and cables) and rebuilt a Windows PC for controlling it, then I had to get software and upgrades to get it all running. But lo and behold…

Well, there’s something. The text isn’t quite right. It seems to be skipping steps.

A few more attempts – a PCB – sharpie is too thick for that print.

The beginning of this print was messed up with me fiddling with my lousy rubber-band sharpie mount and finding a good z0. But the end was skipped steps due to an overheating driver (I think). I put a fan and heatsinks on the drivers and the problem went away. The “ShapeOko” in pencil was printed after the fan was in place and it came out cleanly.

The picture on the left was before the fan and the picture on the right shows the image without skipped steps after the fan was in place. Quite a difference.

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  1. vivian says:

    Cool! Can you make it draw a face? A really good face? What else can it draw?

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