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Flagpole arrives

The flagpole has arrived. After unwrapping it to make sure it arrived in good shape, it’s been placed above the ground to await installation.

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Solar installed

The Robot Ranch is now powered by the sun. Well, not precisely… It’s now generating electricity during the daylight hours, and pumping it into the grid. When it’s night, electricity is sipped back from the grid. Big pile – Inside … Continue reading

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Milford arrives!

Ms. Postmistress came by with a long awaited bundle of joy! Milford is a Shapeoko – a CNC mill created by Edward Ford (get it, Mill-Ford?) which I came across on Kickstarter. The images on Kickstarter are the prototype – … Continue reading

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Trees are here

I hope tomorrow is as nice as it was today. The irrigation to the trees has been installed this week. My trees have arrived and will hopefully be in the ground by the end of the weekend. Asian Pear Grenada … Continue reading

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Gift Card ideas

Things to use your Gift Card on…

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Plastic sources

Looking for sources of raw material for my Thing-o-Matic and soon, Mendel Prusa, I collected a number of links to sites in the US. I typically use 3mm ABS, so that is the focus here. The best price I found … Continue reading

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Gift ideas

I’ve been asked for gift ideas for a precocious youngster who is interested in engineering, science, robotics and strategy games. Here are a few ideas:

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Shed arrives

The shed arrived this morning (Sept.20). Joe made quick work of unloading the steel from the truck.  

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Wind-up Paper robots

Wind-up Paper Robots! One of my children received a robot craft kit. It came with stickers, googly eyes and wind-up walking mechanisms. A fun diversion on a Sunday afternoon….  

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Makerbot hot end upgrade – and lighted ring

Occasionally, I would notice the extruder struggling and the temperature was way down. That puzzled me, as I usually pre-heat the bed and nozzle and replicatorg waits until the bed and extruder are at the proper temperature before starting. I … Continue reading

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