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Dot matrix grid (Thing 210015)

eBay has these chainable 8×8 led matrix (MAX7219) for fairly cheap. I put together a sequence of 4, as that is all that would fit on my 3.5″ x 6″ protoboard. I connected an Extracore (mini-arduino), power regulator, thermistor and clock … Continue reading

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Ubuntu 12.04.2

My old install of 12.04 wouldn’t take an update for some reason. I took the opportunity to do a bit of cleanup and moved /home to its own partition so I can trash root in the future. The newer Ubuntu … Continue reading

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Milford arrives!

Ms. Postmistress came by with a long awaited bundle of joy! Milford is a Shapeoko – a CNC mill created by Edward Ford (get it, Mill-Ford?) which I came across on Kickstarter. The images on Kickstarter are the prototype – … Continue reading

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Sanguino + Marlin

I’m excited to use some different software for Lil’ Brudda. The Marlin software has acceleration for smoother and faster movement of the axes and presumably is compatible with the Sanguino. But it takes some work. With Ubuntu 11.04, I installed … Continue reading

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ExtraCore arrived

I saw this KickStarter project called “ExtraCore” awhile ago and decided to back it. Knock-knock says Ms. USPS Worker. Sign, sign, print, print and here we go. They’re tiny Arduino compatible cores. Just the brain, no USB, no power regulation. … Continue reading

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Blinky Belt Software

The Blinky Belt is pretty cool. Lots of LEDs that you can sequence. But I like a bit of variety, so I connected a couple of switches up to the controller to allow me to select from a number of … Continue reading

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Mad Chomp

This is Mad Chomp. Mad Chomp is an ‘Edge Robotic Arm Kit‘, and eventually, I’d like to drop in an ExtraCore (tiny arduino compatible) to be able to intelligently control it, and have something to experiment with kinematics. I built Mad Chomp … Continue reading

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Seeduino connection via FTDI Friend

In my experimentation with different Arduino compatible boards, I’ve come across a number of ways to connect to the host computer. I’ve used the FTDI friend from Adafruit, and wanted to re-use it with the Seeeduino Stalker board. Unfortunately, the … Continue reading

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Arduino battery box

4 NiMH cells sometimes just aren’t enough to power the arduino and sensors that I want. 5 might do. Thing 10873 I designed this 5 AA cell holder to hold rechargeable cells and power my Arduino projects. I first tried … Continue reading

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Arduino multiple file programs

In writing the blinky-belt pattern software, I encountered some difficulty with using Serial.print and other library routines. #include “WProgram.h” at the top of the secondary .cpp files will fix the link error that will occur without it. error: ‘Serial’ was … Continue reading

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