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Hog’s Foot

I wanted to try my hand at making a stompbox from DIY stompboxes and decided to try the Hog’s Foot, since it seemed simple and I had the parts. What I didn’t have was a decent enclosure. So I put … Continue reading

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Dot matrix grid (Thing 210015)

eBay has these chainable 8×8 led matrix (MAX7219) for fairly cheap. I put together a sequence of 4, as that is all that would fit on my 3.5″ x 6″ protoboard. I connected an Extracore (mini-arduino), power regulator, thermistor and clock … Continue reading

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Lil’ Brudda’s first print

A coffin for a minifig.

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Motor project

For a recent 4-H project, I decided to have my kids make a simple motor. The project uses a derivative of battery holder that I created and modified to make into a Continuity tester for an earlier project. The item … Continue reading

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Painted blue

Milford parts painted blue. Worked through the first few steps of the construction process and found a few parts missing for the Z-axis. A blessing in disguise, it allows me to enjoy the construction process a bit longer. The drive … Continue reading

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Got featured

My derivative got featured on Thingiverse. I’m not sure why – I posted a derivative of a cool plastic toy that I vaguely remember from a time long ago. I modified the openscad code to make a grid of – … Continue reading

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Lets get things going

Mendel Prusa – time to make it happen. Using the Marlin firmware. Measured the X and Y transport at 100mm and it looks reasonably close. Using 80 steps per unit on the x and y axis by using Prusa’s RepRap … Continue reading

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Pomegranate Jelly

Pomegranates – YUM! At nearly every house I’ve lived in, I’ve either planted a pomegranate tree, or there was one already there. The Robot Ranch is no exception. There is a very prolific tree out front. Apparently, the prior owners … Continue reading

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