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Speed kills

After the upgrades, Bottie-bot is moving pretty well. Time to push her a little. At travel speed of 70, the momentum of the HBP caused it to skip steps in the Y direction, eventually causing the layers to be offset … Continue reading

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Makerbot Upgrades

Another set of upgrades installed and printed. Cable improvements and lighting Mucking about with the Y-stage, and tiring of having to get into the electronics bay, I snipped the X-stepper cables, and soldered in a DB-9 pair. Now, I can … Continue reading

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Bottie-bot has been busy.

Bottie-bot has been busy churning through a lot of plastic. After a few spool holders and filament guides, she was anxious to get started Greg’s Hinged Accessible Extruder with support (Thing 10532) — Type A Lever Action Extruder (Thing 8041) … Continue reading

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Lights, Camera…

You know what comes next… I’ve got lots of cameras from a prior lifetime when I wrote a webcam application. I’d like to be able to snap pix of the Makerbot doing it’s job, so I don’t have to babysit … Continue reading

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Y-Axis upgrade

After trying to make a few compartment trays for resistors, I had a problem where there was a resonance in the Y axis which caused waves to appear in the plastic. This happened on the base layer on a used … Continue reading

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Recently built

Thing 11231 – EOS 5D MK-I Battery Adapater, Thing 13135 – Parametric Compartment Box Thing 7105 – MakerBot Filament Spool Holder – Thing 9604 – Filament Guide Stacker Thing 13138 – Hexagonal Lattice

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Made recently

I’ve been busy printing and making and such. I need to write up assembly information and upload some of my new objects, but wanted to get something up here.   9-Pin D-Sub Housing (10456) and 5 cell battery holder (no … Continue reading

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Arduino battery box

4 NiMH cells sometimes just aren’t enough to power the arduino and sensors that I want. 5 might do. Thing 10873 I designed this 5 AA cell holder to hold rechargeable cells and power my Arduino projects. I first tried … Continue reading

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Working Robot – Makerbot #3978

This is Makerbot #3978 I put it together at the end of March 2011, and have made a number of upgrades since. Wire Clips (7673) keep the wires tidy. Support bracket for Y idler (7022) prevents the acrylic from cracking … Continue reading

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Aluminum Scoring

After making the Aluminum baseplate, I wanted to try printing directly to it. Printing on Kapton worked well – a little too well. The prints stuck to the extra smooth surface and were difficult to remove when warm. I’m impatient, … Continue reading

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