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Dot matrix grid (Thing 210015)

eBay has these chainable 8×8 led matrix (MAX7219) for fairly cheap. I put together a sequence of 4, as that is all that would fit on my 3.5″ x 6″ protoboard. I connected an Extracore (mini-arduino), power regulator, thermistor and clock … Continue reading

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Milford arrives!

Ms. Postmistress came by with a long awaited bundle of joy! Milford is a Shapeoko – a CNC mill created by Edward Ford (get it, Mill-Ford?) which I came across on Kickstarter. The images on Kickstarter are the prototype – … Continue reading

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Connector wiring

As I built Bottie-bot, the Makerbot Thing-o-Matic, I was anxious to get it building and didn’t consider making modifications as I built. As a result, modifications I make to the machine is a bit more difficult than it needs to … Continue reading

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Prusa Mendel build 2

Lil’ Brudda is taking form. I’m using LM8UU linear bearings (bought off of ebay) instead of PLA bearings, so I have to keep that in mind as I’m assembling. I’ve had to make a few different parts to manage the … Continue reading

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Shed arrives

The shed arrived this morning (Sept.20). Joe made quick work of unloading the steel from the truck.  

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Makerbot hot end upgrade – and lighted ring

Occasionally, I would notice the extruder struggling and the temperature was way down. That puzzled me, as I usually pre-heat the bed and nozzle and replicatorg waits until the bed and extruder are at the proper temperature before starting. I … Continue reading

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Parts is parts

I’ve printed one set of Prusa parts and another is in process. I’ve got a starter set of vitamins on order and some upgrades while I was at it. Bottie-bot will soon have a lil brudda’. I’ve ordered the Prusa … Continue reading

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Speed kills

After the upgrades, Bottie-bot is moving pretty well. Time to push her a little. At travel speed of 70, the momentum of the HBP caused it to skip steps in the Y direction, eventually causing the layers to be offset … Continue reading

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Makerbot Upgrades

Another set of upgrades installed and printed. Cable improvements and lighting Mucking about with the Y-stage, and tiring of having to get into the electronics bay, I snipped the X-stepper cables, and soldered in a DB-9 pair. Now, I can … Continue reading

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Bottie-bot has been busy.

Bottie-bot has been busy churning through a lot of plastic. After a few spool holders and filament guides, she was anxious to get started Greg’s Hinged Accessible Extruder with support (Thing 10532) — Type A Lever Action Extruder (Thing 8041) … Continue reading

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