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Things that are reused.

WS2811 based NeoPixel clock build

Making a WS2811 based NeoPixel clock Ingredients: 2 strands of NeoPixels (50 + 8 additional) 2 pc. 3D printed reflector 1 pc. LED diffusion acrylic 3′ x 1×4 wood 1/8″ plywood (small piece for back – about 260mm x 102mm) … Continue reading

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Wireless charging

So I found this thing on Amazon for about $8. It’s a wireless charger. Micro-usb cable plugs into one end. Looks like it was yanked from unsold product, or perhaps faulty product that was repaired. The first one they sent … Continue reading

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Third-Hand lighted ring

Jameco, oh how your grab-bags tempt me. I bought a bag of 100 74xx series logic chips from Jameco, and when trying to sort them (usually at night under poor lighting conditions), I realized I could put something together like … Continue reading

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Makerbot Upgrades

Another set of upgrades installed and printed. Cable improvements and lighting Mucking about with the Y-stage, and tiring of having to get into the electronics bay, I snipped the X-stepper cables, and soldered in a DB-9 pair. Now, I can … Continue reading

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Mad Chomp

This is Mad Chomp. Mad Chomp is an ‘Edge Robotic Arm Kit‘, and eventually, I’d like to drop in an ExtraCore (tiny arduino compatible) to be able to intelligently control it, and have something to experiment with kinematics. I built Mad Chomp … Continue reading

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Lights, Camera…

You know what comes next… I’ve got lots of cameras from a prior lifetime when I wrote a webcam application. I’d like to be able to snap pix of the Makerbot doing it’s job, so I don’t have to babysit … Continue reading

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