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Ubuntu 12.04.2

My old install of 12.04 wouldn’t take an update for some reason. I took the opportunity to do a bit of cleanup and moved /home to its own partition so I can trash root in the future. The newer Ubuntu … Continue reading

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Sanguino + Marlin

I’m excited to use some different software for Lil’ Brudda. The Marlin software has acceleration for smoother and faster movement of the axes and presumably is compatible with the Sanguino. But it takes some work. With Ubuntu 11.04, I installed … Continue reading

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Blinky Belt Software

The Blinky Belt is pretty cool. Lots of LEDs that you can sequence. But I like a bit of variety, so I connected a couple of switches up to the controller to allow me to select from a number of … Continue reading

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Lights, Camera…

You know what comes next… I’ve got lots of cameras from a prior lifetime when I wrote a webcam application. I’d like to be able to snap pix of the Makerbot doing it’s job, so I don’t have to babysit … Continue reading

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Arduino multiple file programs

In writing the blinky-belt pattern software, I encountered some difficulty with using Serial.print and other library routines. #include “WProgram.h” at the top of the secondary .cpp files will fix the link error that will occur without it. error: ‘Serial’ was … Continue reading

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