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Testing is sometimes an event.

Milford First Prints!

I finally found time and space to give Milford some attention. I gathered all the parts for Milford (mill, cpu/driver stack, power supply, cords and cables) and rebuilt a Windows PC for controlling it, then I had to get software … Continue reading

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Lets get things going

Mendel Prusa – time to make it happen. Using the Marlin firmware. Measured the X and Y transport at 100mm and it looks reasonably close. Using 80 steps per unit on the x and y axis by using Prusa’s RepRap … Continue reading

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Speed kills

After the upgrades, Bottie-bot is moving pretty well. Time to push her a little. At travel speed of 70, the momentum of the HBP caused it to skip steps in the Y direction, eventually causing the layers to be offset … Continue reading

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Aluminum Scoring

After making the Aluminum baseplate, I wanted to try printing directly to it. Printing on Kapton worked well – a little too well. The prints stuck to the extra smooth surface and were difficult to remove when warm. I’m impatient, … Continue reading

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Skeinforge config

Configured Skeinforge to try to get close dimensions for the X-follower. Used a great set of posts by Dave Durant: to gain insight on how to tweak the bot.

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Smoke test.

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