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Filling the walls

I’m the son of a farmer and although trained in engineering principles, I usually like to over-engineer things for additional strength. Here we’re filling the walls with concrete to unite the bricks and reinforcing steel into a single structure.

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Ubuntu 12.04.2

My old install of 12.04 wouldn’t take an update for some reason. I took the opportunity to do a bit of cleanup and moved /home to its own partition so I can trash root in the future. The newer Ubuntu … Continue reading

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Bottie Bot upgrade

I printed this out quite some time ago and was waiting for an opportunity to install it. It’s a cover for the Arduino and shield in the Makerbot. It replaces a pair of spacers (which go right into the parts … Continue reading

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Got featured

My derivative got featured on Thingiverse. I’m not sure why – I posted a derivative of a cool plastic toy that I vaguely remember from a time long ago. I modified the openscad code to make a grid of – … Continue reading

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Trees installed

My brother came out and we filled some holes. With trees. Wayne from WD Gardening – (highly recommended) who trenched for the irrigation lines had an auger and popped some holes in the ground for my trees. I was concerned … Continue reading

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Prusa Mendel build 2

Lil’ Brudda is taking form. I’m using LM8UU linear bearings (bought off of ebay) instead of PLA bearings, so I have to keep that in mind as I’m assembling. I’ve had to make a few different parts to manage the … Continue reading

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coming soon…

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Makerbot Upgrades

Another set of upgrades installed and printed. Cable improvements and lighting Mucking about with the Y-stage, and tiring of having to get into the electronics bay, I snipped the X-stepper cables, and soldered in a DB-9 pair. Now, I can … Continue reading

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Mad Chomp

This is Mad Chomp. Mad Chomp is an ‘Edge Robotic Arm Kit‘, and eventually, I’d like to drop in an ExtraCore (tiny arduino compatible) to be able to intelligently control it, and have something to experiment with kinematics. I built Mad Chomp … Continue reading

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Y-Axis upgrade

After trying to make a few compartment trays for resistors, I had a problem where there was a resonance in the Y axis which caused waves to appear in the plastic. This happened on the base layer on a used … Continue reading

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